2014 Standings and Results

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SoCal Series Pro Standings

SoCal Series Am Standings

Tournament Results with SoCal Points (as of 11/26/2014):

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  1. Anthony Bassett

     /  June 23, 2014

    Can we get a summer update on point?
    Are u adding any new info to tournaments?

    • Hi Anthony,
      Total SoCal Series points, through the Shootout at KCP, have been posted on the website. I’m working on posting results for individual events as well.

      I have been adding new information to the website regarding tournaments as it is sent to me. Because of personal obligations I don’t have time to constantly search Facebook and the registration websites for new tournament information. The Socal President asks TD’s to send us details on their events, hopefully before they go live for regiatration, but not all TD’s are complying with this request.

      Allen Risley, SoCal Website Manager

  2. Yves CY

     /  September 3, 2014

    Thanks for keeping the socal points updated!

    Question: Shouldn’t the MA2 in Santa Maria players also get 15 points for the 60 holes that were completed? The MA1 and Open points have it, but not in the MA2


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