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2021 SoCal Membership


2020 was a year of cancellations and 2021 is still unknown.  Due to the very shortened 2020 disc golf season, the SoCal DGC Board of Directors has voted to extend all 2020 SoCal memberships through December 31, 2021.  This means if you joined at any time in 2020, your membership is good through all of 2021 at no additional cost.  

The 2020 SoCal Series will have a very limited payout in 2020.  2020 SoCal Series prizes will be awarded at the 2020 SoCal Series Championships.   

All returning 2020 SoCal Members will receive a 2021 SoCal Bag Tag free of charge.  Members will have to pick up the new 2021 Bag Tag at the 2020 SoCal Series Championships or at an upcoming 2021 SoCal Series event.  More details to come. 

Join or renew your membership in the Southern California Disc Golf Club.  The 2020 – 2021 SCDGC membership dues are $25 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Each paid member will be shipped a custom-stamped member disc, a numbered bag tag and receive a $5 discount at all SoCal Series events. Current members also receive SoCal Series points for year end awards. To see exactly how SoCal Series Points are awarded, please follow this link:

2020 – 2021 SoCal memberships are only available for purchase online.  Membership discs and tags will be shipped.  Please allow up to four weeks for receipt of 2020 – 2021 member disc and bag tag. 

2020 members that have already received a 2020 Member Disc and 2020 Bag Tag will receive a 2021 Bag Tag, but will not receive another member disc.   However, everyone is welcome to purchase a 2021 SoCal DGC Member Disc.  These are available for $20.00 online and the price includes shipping.  

The Southern California Disc Golf Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to promote the sport of disc golf in Southern California. There are no paid board members in the SCDGC. Your membership supports our mission.  SCDGC provides points tracking for all divisions and operates the SoCal Series Championship Tournament with special awards for the top finishers. By joining SoCal and playing in SoCal Series tournaments, you support the organization.

However, you have an additional opportunity to contribute to disc golf in Southern California. Simply choose one tournament, perhaps at your home course, and work with the Tournament Director to make it better. If your home course doesn’t hold a SoCal Series event, consider being the one to bring a tournament there. We all benefit from each and every volunteer effort! If you would like to volunteer with SoCal, contact Randy Wylot at

Thank you for supporting SoCal Disc Golf!

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