Monthly Tournament Info

 This list of local monthly tournaments is compiled from conversations with many people, so it’s always possible things have changed.  Please contact someone local to confirm before traveling from afar.  If you know of changes that should be made to this list, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

Monthly Tournament Info




1st Saturday Huntington Beach Jerry Davis
Thousand Oaks Mike Byrne
1st Sunday Wrightwood
(closed for winter)
Tom Bant
Waller Pines
Yucaipa Dave Coffey
Chavez Ridge (9am) Steve Valencia
1st Tuesday Twila Reid (7:30pm) Chad Duckworth
2nd Saturday La Mirada Rick Ascheri
Ventura Mike Hilles
2nd Sunday
Whittier Narrows Dagoberto Bribiesca
3rd Saturday Sylmar Gary Sandoval
3rd Sunday Oak Grove GW
San Diego Aces Rotating monthly – different SD course each month  Jason Perdue
4th Saturday Evergreen
 4th Sunday  Whittier  Big Arm Ted?
Mt. Waterman Kyle Hughes/Jeff Nyerges
5th Saturday  La Mirada Rick Ascheri
Last Saturday Mountain Pride (8:30am) Darren Bailey

All Monthlies start at 10am unless otherwise noted

Weekly Leagues

Monday Verdugo – Singles 7pmMontiel Park (San Marcos) – Doubles 5pm

El Do – Singles 5:30pm, Pro & Am divisions

Tuesday Chavez Ridge – Doubles 5pmLa Mirada
Oak Grove – AMs, Handicapped 5pm (2 1/2 hours before sunset)
Twila Reid – Doubles 7:30pm
Wednesday Huntington Beach (Singles + Doubles)Oak Grove – Pros 5pm
Thursday Whittier (Doubles)
Riverside Golf Club
Friday La MiradaVentura

Beach CourseHuntington Beach – Random Doubles 5:30pm

Verdugo – Doubles 7pm

Saturday Kit Carson – Doubles 9am
Mountain Pride – Doubles 9am
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  1. Dave Coffey

     /  January 9, 2012

    Hello All. The monthly at Yucaipa is held at noon on the first Sunday of the month.
    Contact Dave Coffey @

    The February monthly will probably be rescheduled due to the Superbowl.

    • Dave Coffey

       /  March 25, 2014

      Hi SoCal, We have changed the monthly to 10AM on the first Sunday of each month.
      We are also hosting a weekly every Friday at 5PM. (The parks have let us stay after closing time).

  2. Kevin Beath

     /  January 12, 2012

    Year-round, rain or shine!! We have $2 Dubs on Wednesday @ Ford park in Redlands. Random flip for partners. Start 2 hours before sunset. presently starting @ 3pm. As the sun stays out later, we start later

  3. Kevin Beath

     /  January 16, 2012

    fyi Felipe Arango left the state almost 2yrs ago shortly after the Riverside Golf Club closed down. So, there is no longer a monthly on the 3rd Saturday at Riverside GC.

  4. Chad Duckworth

     /  February 14, 2012

    Twila Reids Monthly is held the 1st Tuesday of the month 2 rounds of 12 holes. 24 total, short round and long round random doubles 5$ each 1$ ace pool. starts at 730pm. We also have the weekly on the other tuesdays which is only 12 holes not 24 also starts at 730pm

  5. Chad Duckworth

     /  February 14, 2012

    Sorry the monthly at twila is 10$ and the other tuesdays, when we play only 12 hole is 5$

  6. Chris Hubbard

     /  March 24, 2012

    El Dorado monthly for March 2012 did not take place — called Steve Loken Friday afternoon for info; he gave me thumbs up for next day. Bunch of guys standing around at 9:30-10am waiting for something to happen — called Loken again, but was told he was already dropped off at the course. Waited another 20 min with the crowd until someone claimed he had got in touch with the guy in charge, and “Jim” wasn’t hosting the tournament on this day. Who’s Jim? None of us were addressed by anyone named Steve. Kind of confused about the whole deal — hope things go smoother next month even if I’m unable to attend.

    • Thanks for the update Chris. We’ll probably take it off the schedule until there’s confirmation it’s going on regularly.

      • Mateo

         /  July 21, 2012

        El Do monthly did happen in April and May. 4th Saturday. No more BBQ. Jim is no longer in charge of tourneys.

  7. Howard

     /  April 3, 2012

    Oak Grove Weeklies needs to be updated. AM weeklies (handicapped) are tuesdays @ 5pm, and Pro weeklies are Wednesdays @ 5pm, during the summer months. Big Ted hasn’t been at the course for a couple of years. Weeklies and Monthlies are run by GW.

  8. Eric Crandall

     /  April 20, 2012

    Wednesday’s at Huntington Beach are no longer doubles – participants now play one round (18 holes) with a handicap so everyone is in one division. Not sure about cost or prizes for this format.

    • Thanks Eric! I changed the page to say “Handicap Singles”.

    • Chris Hubbard

       /  April 28, 2012

      Eric is not 100% accurate about HB. There is a random doubles tournament embedded within the singles event. $6 to play singles + $2 to enter doubles. Doubles winners get cash as well as Ace Pool winners, all other prizes are course credit.

  9. Todd Mitchell

     /  July 16, 2012

    Additional weekly info:

    Monday – 7pm Verdugo Hills

    Tuesday – 5pm Sylmar

  10. Jeff Nyerges

     /  June 5, 2013

    Verdugo Hills Doubles, Friday 7pm (Pro/AM Random Draw)
    Chavez Ridge Doubles, Tuesday 5pm (Random Flip)

  11. Jbedingf

     /  June 1, 2014

    So I just recently moved here from the east coast. Huge disc golf fan. Love playing in tournaments and checking out new courses.

    Not knowing any locals to call I decided to take a chance and drive out to these places. This site seemed pretty legit. That was a mistake.

    1) La Mirada does not have Friday random doubles at 5:30
    2) Yucaipa does not have a monthly on the first Sunday of the month at 10:00 AM

    I question whether or not any of these times are right. Spent about 100$ on gas for both. Don’t make the same mistake. Sadly, I’m back to square one not having a clue when people play out here.

    • We’re sorry that you had that happen. The information on the local weeklys and monthlys is provided by locals at the courses, and we rely upon them to send us updated info. Sounds like it’s time to ask the local TDs to update their info. A lot of the communication regarding these types of events in SoCal has moved to Facebook. Many of the courses have local clubs with their own Facebook pages or groups and keep locals up to date through those mechanisms. There is also a private Facebook Group called SoCal Disc Golf Assoc where TDs from all across SoCal cross-post their local info. Go on Facebook and request to be added to the group and you’ll have access to all of that info.

  12. Oak Grove Monthly is the 3rd Sunday, Chavez Ridge Monthly is the 1st Sunday, Whittier Narrows is the 2nd Sunday, La Mirada Monthly is the 2nd Saturday, Chavez Ridge Doubles is Tuesdays at 5pm, Verdugo Hills Weekly is Monday at 7pm, Verdugo Hills Doubles (Pro/Am) is Friday at 7pm, Oak Grove handicapped weekly is Tuesdays 2.5 hours before sunset, This is all I know of and they are For Sure!

  13. Oak Grove Monthly:
    Tournament Directors: Jeff Nyerges (408) 598-0142, Chris Mattox, GW
    Check In: 8:00-9:45am
    Players Meeting: 9:45am
    Tee-Off: 10:00am
    $15 for Amateurs, $20 for Pros
    Oak Grove provides Lunch for all players
    We play 2 rounds determined by the TD.
    $2 goes to Ace Pot, $2 goes to the Club, the remainder is paid in cash to the players.
    Starting in September, Amateurs will be paid in Discs or other Disc golf related merchandise.

    Oak Grove Weekly:
    Tournament Director: Howard Tan
    Handicapped system allows for all players a chance to win.
    Check In: 3 hours before Sunset (Google Time)
    Tee-Off: 2.5 Hours before Sunset.

    Oak Grove Board members can be reached at
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group:

    Tournament Director/Event Coordinator:
    Jeff Nyerges
    PDGA #39323
    Socal # 1047
    (408) 598-0142

  14. Allen, Can you create a Live Google Doc and share with all TD’s? I think it would be a great way for everyone to get the info updated. A live sheet, we can all see the changes as they are being made and the document can be updated as needed meanwhile, everyone will still have an updated spreadsheet.
    Should include, Date, Course, Checkin, Tee off, TD, Contact info
    I will be happy to create and share with you, then you can share with the rest.

    • Jeff – Great idea!! If you create it I will share it and then update the website with the info.


  15. Good morning everyone!

    Just to update you guys, Wrightwood’s Sky High Disc Golf course holds a monthly doubles tournament the second Saturday of every month. The fee to play is $7.00 a person, with random flips for partners. Winning duo wins a different prize bundle every month, as well as pitchers of beer of their choice. Also, everything available for sale in the lodge is offered at a discount for those who participate that day.

    Additional Information:

    Tournament Type: Doubles
    Check In Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am @ the North Lodge
    Player Meeting: 9:50 am @ the back patio
    Tee-Off Time: 10:00 am
    Fee to Play: $7.00

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us via:

    Phone: (760) 316-7828 (North Lodge)
    Official Site:

    Ask for Amando or Aimee if you have any questions! Hope to see you guys soon!


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