Local Clubs (under construction)

SoCal Disc Golf covers a very wide geographic area, from San Diego in the south, to Santa Maria in the northwest, to Bakersfield in the north and Palm Desert in the east.  The SoCal Disc Golf Club focuses mostly on organizing and coordinating PDGA-sanctioned tournaments as part of the SoCal Series.  That leaves a lot of room open for local clubs to do the great work of meeting the needs of local disc golfers by developing new disc golf courses, establishing leagues, running local tournaments and communicating with local park and government officials.  The clubs and businesses listed below are those local organizers.  If you are looking for up-to-date information on what’s happening with disc golf in your local area, here are some places to start:

Oak Grove Disc Golf Club

Inland Disc Golf

San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club

Murrieta Rattlers Disc Golf Club

Helix Disc Golf

Yucaipa Disc Golf Club

Las Vegas Disc Golf Club (not in SoCal but SoCal folks travel there regularly)

Huntington Beach Higher Flyers


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