2022 Membership info

2022 Southern California Disc Golf Club Membership  – Available Online Only.

Join or renew your membership in the Southern California Disc Golf Club.  The 2022 SCDGC membership dues are $30 and include shipping charges. Each paid member will be shipped a custom-stamped member disc, a numbered bag tag and receive a $5 discount at all So Cal Series events. Current members also receive So Cal Series points for year-end awards and invitations to the California Cup Match Play event. To see exactly how So Cal Series Points are awarded, visit the Point Series Archive.

2022 So Cal memberships are only available for purchase online.  Membership discs and tags will be shipped for those who join online.  Please allow up to four weeks for receipt of 2022 member disc and bag tag.  Discs and tags may not be available to ship until January 1st due to supply issues.  

The Southern California Disc Golf Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to promote the sport of disc golf in Southern California. There are no paid board members in the SCDGC. Your membership supports our mission.  SCDGC provides points tracking for all divisions and operates the So Cal Series Championship Tournament with special awards for the top finishers. By joining So Cal and playing in So Cal Series tournaments, you support the organization.

However, you have an additional opportunity to contribute to disc golf in Southern California. Simply choose one tournament, perhaps at your home course, and work with the Tournament Director to make it better. If your home course doesn’t hold a So Cal Series event, consider being the one to bring a tournament there. We all benefit from each and every volunteer effort. If you would like to volunteer with So Cal, contact Randy Wylot at wylot@sbcglobal.net

2020 – 2021 Membership Info

2020 was a year of cancellations and 2021 is still unknown.  Due to the very shortened 2020 disc golf season, the SoCal DGC Board of Directors has voted to extend all 2020 SoCal memberships through December 31, 2021.  This means if you joined at any time in 2020, your membership is good through all of 2021 at no additional cost.  

The 2020 SoCal Series will have a very limited payout in 2020.  2020 SoCal Series prizes will be awarded at the 2020 SoCal Series Championships.   

All returning 2020 SoCal Members will receive a 2021 SoCal Bag Tag free of charge.  Members will have to pick up the new 2021 Bag Tag at the 2020 SoCal Series Championships or at an upcoming 2021 SoCal Series event.  More details to come. 

Join or renew your membership in the Southern California Disc Golf Club.  The 2020 – 2021 SCDGC membership dues are $25 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Each paid member will be shipped a custom-stamped member disc, a numbered bag tag and receive a $5 discount at all SoCal Series events. Current members also recieve SoCal Series points for year-end awards. To see exactly how So Cal Series Points are awarded, please follow this link:  https://socaldiscgolfclub.wordpress.com/points-series/

2020 – 2021 SoCal memberships are only available for purchase online.  Membership discs and tags will be shipped.  Please allow up to four weeks for receipt of 2020 – 2021 member disc and bag tag. 

2020 members that have already received a 2020 Member Disc and 2020 Bag Tag will receive a 2021 Bag Tag, but will not receive another member disc.   However, everyone is welcome to purchase a 2021 SoCal DGC Member Disc.  These are available for $20.00 online and the price includes shipping.  

It’s 2020 — Happy New Year!

We hope your 2020 is filled with many birdies, eagles and aces.

Lake Cachuma Details

cachuma mohawk mapcachma mapsCachuma_Distances

2018 So Cal Championships Details

The 2018 So Cal Disc Golf Championships are coming soon – one event to a old-time favorite course that is (partly) going away and the other event to a brand new venue.

This year’s Am event will be held at La Mirada Regional Park, Sat/Sun November 10/11, 2018 – 2 rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday, alternating between the Lakeside and Backside courses.  This will probably be the last time that the Backside course will be used in a sanctioned competitive event, as that portion of the park is scheduled to become parking for the water park or a maintenance yard or some other dumb thing that isn’t an historic disc golf course.  Online registration is opening on DGU on Sunday, 10/21 at 7pm at this link:  http://www.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/event-detail.cfm/tourn_id/5899

The Pros will be playing the following weekend farther north, just outside of Santa Ynez at Cachuma Lake.  The Lake Cachuma course was installed earlier this year and has gotten rave reviews.  The new Mohawk course was permanently installed this past week, so the concrete tee pads will be hardened and trees ready to snag wayward throws.  3 rounds, Sat/Sun November 17/18, 2018.  Registration is also on DGU and is now open at this link:  http://www.discgolfunited.com/disc-golf-tournaments/event-detail.cfm/tourn_id/5882

Many thanks to TDs Randy Wylot and Hugh Montgomery on the Pro side and Bill Maury-Holmes and Chris Brophy on the Am side, to Innova-Champion Discs and Legacy Discs for sponsoring the events, to West Coast Disc Golf for assisting with the La Ma scheduling and Mike Byrne and crew for shepherding the Cachuma courses.

Sign up quickly, buy fundraiser discs and have fun!


2017 So Cal Series Champions Crowned at Colton

On a very windy day at the Colton Golf Club, 90+ So Cal disc golfers gathered to wrap up the year with a fun round of golf and a little business.  The fun round was played on the challenging 18-hole layout, which was made even tougher by the steady 10-15 mph (with gusts over 20) winds.  The Colton Golf Club also hosted our awards presentation and a brief membership meeting.

After 12 months and 21 events, Nick Newton emerged as the top points-earner in the Men’s Open division.  Nick’s points total of 294 put him 17 points ahead of second-place Chris Shotwell (277).  Eric Norbut rounded out the top three with 213 points.  Players earned points the following ways:

  • 5 points for each 18-hole round played in a tournament (that they finished.  Most 1-day tournaments counted for 10 “participation” points, with 2-day tournaments typically being worth 15 points.
  • Players received 1 point for each other player in their division that they beat or tied.  Larger fields meant more points!
  • The winning player in a division received one additional bonus point.
  • The top seven points earning events for each player counted towards their total.
  • Players received up to ten bonus points, one for each event they played in.  Only those who played in the So Cal Championships would cash in these points.

The first-place finisher in each division received a personalized Mini Discatcher basket.  The top point-earning players in each of the professional divisions also received a cash payout.  The number of players receiving payout was based on the total number of players in that division.  This year, the top players in the MPO division received a total of $710 in series-end cash.  Where did that cash come from?  Each player that played in the MPO division at a So Cal Series event in 2017 contributed $2 each time they entered a tournament.  So those $2 fees that So Cal collects go right back out to the players.

Here are the top three players in the remaining professional divisions:

  • FPO:
    • 1st place – Allison Wylot
  • MPM:
    • 1st place – Richard Ewald
    • 2nd place – Noah Rodriguez
    • 3rd place – Kris Kiler
  • MPG:
    • 1st place – Marcus Cisneros
    • 2nd place – Rick Hoffa
    • 3rd place – Jeff Nichols
  • FPG:
    • 1st place – Suzette Simons
    • 2nd place – Allison Wylot
  • MPS:
    • 1st place – Mark Horn
    • 2nd place – Rob Wilson
    • 3rd place – Mark Hauser
  • FPS:
    • 1st place – Susie Horn

Martin Padilla played 13 events in the Men’s Advanced Amateur (MA1) division this past season, and the point totals for seven of those events were enough to give him 262 total points for the year and 1st place in the MA1 division.  Drake Avila and Drew Sodergren tied for second place, 33 points behind Martin.  There were a total of 1,894 amateur tournament entries in 2017, which led to $3,788 in merchandise being handed out to qualifying members at this year’s award ceremony.  Once again – 1,894 two dollar fees collected and paid back to members in the form of merchandise (hoodies, hats, towels, mini baskets, etc).

Here are the top three players in the remaining amateur divisions:

  • FA1:
    • 1st place – Charlotte Towle
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
  • MM1:
    • 1st place – Juan Lopez
    • 2nd place – Derek Monteverdi
    • 3rd place – Chris Calleton
  • MG1:
    • 1st place – Chuck Powell
    • 2nd place – Michael Sheridan
    • 3rd place – Bill Maury-Holmes
  • MS1:
    • 1st place – David Hadder
    • 2nd place – John Clemmons
    • 3rd place – Spence Stevens
  • MA2:
    • 1st place – William Marion
    • 2nd place – Scott Dallas
    • 3rd place – Adam Hirsch
  • FA2:
    • 1st place – Nicole Ennis
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 3rd place – Caroline Murray
  • MA3:
    • 1st place – Dwayne Allen
    • 2nd place – Jeff Barber
    • 3rd place – Lawrence Mendoza
  • FA3:
    • 1st place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 2nd place – Tamiko Juvinall
  • MA4:
    • 1st place – Sean “No Name” Prewitt
    • 2nd place – Chuck Myers
    • 3rd place – Preston Vargas

You can see the full results for all divisions and each individual event at this link: https://wordpress.com/post/socaldiscgolfclub.wordpress.com/1279


So Cal Pro Championship Layout and Rules Released

The layout and rules for the 2017 So Cal Pro Championships at La Mirada (Nov. 18-19) have been released.  Links to pdf versions of the rules and map are below the map picture.  Online registration is available on DGU.com.


2017 So Cal Pro Championships Rules

2017 So Cal Pro Championships Map



Joining (or renewing) PDGA?

If you are in the process of renewing your PDGA membership or joining for the first time, remember that So Cal Disc Golf Club is an affiliate club of the PDGA.  What this means is that we have a $5 discount code on PDGA memberships.  PDGA has asked us not to post the code publicly (or we may lose it), but you can get the code by contacting a So Cal DGC board member.  Our board members are:

Randy Wylot – President

Mike Byrne – Vice President

Bill Maury-Holmes – Treasurer

Chris Brophy – Secretary

Suzette Simons – Membership Director

Mark Verrochi – TD Ombudsman

Kris Kiler, Allen Risley – Communication Directors


SoCal’s End-of-Year Banquet!

Sign up now for the final event on the 2015 SoCal Series schedule – the 2015 SoCal Year-end Event and Banquet.

Held Saturday, December 12th at Prado Regional Park in Chino, the year-ended is your first chance to renew your SoCal membership for 2016 (pick out the best disc before anyone else!).  We’ll also play one fun round of golf on the water-lined Prado disc golf course, with prizes for finishers at the top of each third of the leaderboard (don’t ask me – Suzette has it all figured out).

We’ll share a delicious catered lunch at the Prado banquet facility (BYOB – beer is allowed…or encouraged?), followed by the crowning of the 2015 SoCal Series division champions and recognition of TD’s and volunteers.  If you’ve ever wondered where the $2 per player SoCal fee goes from each tournament, it’s right here – top finishers for each division will get either cash (Pros) or tons of cool SoCal-logo merchandise (Ams), as well as personalized mini-Discatcher trophies.

Wedged in there somewhere will be a general membership meeting, with election of officers and voting on changes to club by-laws and series points rules.  Top of the agenda this year: returning the series “participation points ” to the previous method of awarding 5 points per 18 holes played, instead of 5 points per round (which awarded only 10 points for 2-day tournaments like Wrightwood and Santa Maria, played on 27-hole courses).  This travesty of disc golf justice must be overturned!  All two-day, 54-hole tournaments should award 15 participation points!

Another great feature of the year-end event is the “Never-ending Raffle”, which costs $0 to enter and does not end until everyone in attendance has won a prize!  Don’t miss it!


SoCal Championships open for Registration!

Registration is available on DiscGolfU.com for the following events:

2015 Sharktooth Open at Bakersfield, CA – Nov. 7/8

2015 SoCal Am Championships at La Mirada, CA – Nov. 14/15

Please note that registration for the Am event is initially only available for SoCal members who have played at least one event this year.  Registration opens for all SoCal members on Sept. 11.  Registration opens for non-SoCal members on Oct. 1.

2015 SoCal Pro Championships at La Mirada, CA – Nov. 21/22