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2018 So Cal Championships Details

The 2018 So Cal Disc Golf Championships are coming soon – one event to a old-time favorite course that is (partly) going away and the other event to a brand new venue.

This year’s Am event will be held at La Mirada Regional Park, Sat/Sun November 10/11, 2018 – 2 rounds on Saturday and one on Sunday, alternating between the Lakeside and Backside courses.  This will probably be the last time that the Backside course will be used in a sanctioned competitive event, as that portion of the park is scheduled to become parking for the water park or a maintenance yard or some other dumb thing that isn’t an historic disc golf course.  Online registration is opening on DGU on Sunday, 10/21 at 7pm at this link:

The Pros will be playing the following weekend farther north, just outside of Santa Ynez at Cachuma Lake.  The Lake Cachuma course was installed earlier this year and has gotten rave reviews.  The new Mohawk course was permanently installed this past week, so the concrete tee pads will be hardened and trees ready to snag wayward throws.  3 rounds, Sat/Sun November 17/18, 2018.  Registration is also on DGU and is now open at this link:

Many thanks to TDs Randy Wylot and Hugh Montgomery on the Pro side and Bill Maury-Holmes and Chris Brophy on the Am side, to Innova-Champion Discs and Legacy Discs for sponsoring the events, to West Coast Disc Golf for assisting with the La Ma scheduling and Mike Byrne and crew for shepherding the Cachuma courses.

Sign up quickly, buy fundraiser discs and have fun!


2017 So Cal Series Champions Crowned at Colton

On a very windy day at the Colton Golf Club, 90+ So Cal disc golfers gathered to wrap up the year with a fun round of golf and a little business.  The fun round was played on the challenging 18-hole layout, which was made even tougher by the steady 10-15 mph (with gusts over 20) winds.  The Colton Golf Club also hosted our awards presentation and a brief membership meeting.

After 12 months and 21 events, Nick Newton emerged as the top points-earner in the Men’s Open division.  Nick’s points total of 294 put him 17 points ahead of second-place Chris Shotwell (277).  Eric Norbut rounded out the top three with 213 points.  Players earned points the following ways:

  • 5 points for each 18-hole round played in a tournament (that they finished.  Most 1-day tournaments counted for 10 “participation” points, with 2-day tournaments typically being worth 15 points.
  • Players received 1 point for each other player in their division that they beat or tied.  Larger fields meant more points!
  • The winning player in a division received one additional bonus point.
  • The top seven points earning events for each player counted towards their total.
  • Players received up to ten bonus points, one for each event they played in.  Only those who played in the So Cal Championships would cash in these points.

The first-place finisher in each division received a personalized Mini Discatcher basket.  The top point-earning players in each of the professional divisions also received a cash payout.  The number of players receiving payout was based on the total number of players in that division.  This year, the top players in the MPO division received a total of $710 in series-end cash.  Where did that cash come from?  Each player that played in the MPO division at a So Cal Series event in 2017 contributed $2 each time they entered a tournament.  So those $2 fees that So Cal collects go right back out to the players.

Here are the top three players in the remaining professional divisions:

  • FPO:
    • 1st place – Allison Wylot
  • MPM:
    • 1st place – Richard Ewald
    • 2nd place – Noah Rodriguez
    • 3rd place – Kris Kiler
  • MPG:
    • 1st place – Marcus Cisneros
    • 2nd place – Rick Hoffa
    • 3rd place – Jeff Nichols
  • FPG:
    • 1st place – Suzette Simons
    • 2nd place – Allison Wylot
  • MPS:
    • 1st place – Mark Horn
    • 2nd place – Rob Wilson
    • 3rd place – Mark Hauser
  • FPS:
    • 1st place – Susie Horn

Martin Padilla played 13 events in the Men’s Advanced Amateur (MA1) division this past season, and the point totals for seven of those events were enough to give him 262 total points for the year and 1st place in the MA1 division.  Drake Avila and Drew Sodergren tied for second place, 33 points behind Martin.  There were a total of 1,894 amateur tournament entries in 2017, which led to $3,788 in merchandise being handed out to qualifying members at this year’s award ceremony.  Once again – 1,894 two dollar fees collected and paid back to members in the form of merchandise (hoodies, hats, towels, mini baskets, etc).

Here are the top three players in the remaining amateur divisions:

  • FA1:
    • 1st place – Charlotte Towle
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
  • MM1:
    • 1st place – Juan Lopez
    • 2nd place – Derek Monteverdi
    • 3rd place – Chris Calleton
  • MG1:
    • 1st place – Chuck Powell
    • 2nd place – Michael Sheridan
    • 3rd place – Bill Maury-Holmes
  • MS1:
    • 1st place – David Hadder
    • 2nd place – John Clemmons
    • 3rd place – Spence Stevens
  • MA2:
    • 1st place – William Marion
    • 2nd place – Scott Dallas
    • 3rd place – Adam Hirsch
  • FA2:
    • 1st place – Nicole Ennis
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 3rd place – Caroline Murray
  • MA3:
    • 1st place – Dwayne Allen
    • 2nd place – Jeff Barber
    • 3rd place – Lawrence Mendoza
  • FA3:
    • 1st place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 2nd place – Tamiko Juvinall
  • MA4:
    • 1st place – Sean “No Name” Prewitt
    • 2nd place – Chuck Myers
    • 3rd place – Preston Vargas

You can see the full results for all divisions and each individual event at this link:


So Cal Pro Championship Layout and Rules Released

The layout and rules for the 2017 So Cal Pro Championships at La Mirada (Nov. 18-19) have been released.  Links to pdf versions of the rules and map are below the map picture.  Online registration is available on


2017 So Cal Pro Championships Rules

2017 So Cal Pro Championships Map



Senior Games – Disc Golf at Waller Park

[Many thanks to Santa Maria disc golfer Newton Hemphill for this article!]

Waller Park is accessible to all and plays host to a wide variety of activities for all ages. One of my favorite activities combines walking with short bursts of physical exertion while combining mental exercises of distance calculations and factoring in wind speed and direction is called “Disc Golf”. This sport is great for all ages and if you watch the regular players on the course, you’ll notice that not all of them are young guns. Men, women, boys and girls are welcome to play the game known by the name of Disc Golf or Frisbee golf. There’s a lot of history to the game and the older players probably have stories from earlier times describing the courses and equipment from long ago.

My early days of throwing discs involved playing catch with a Frisbee using trick throws and showing off. Soon, my friends and I found a short disc course in town and we learned to play golf. Everyone has stories similar to this and one of the key things is that age doesn’t matter. In a lot of cases, the throw doesn’t even matter as long as it generates the right amount of spin. After first Waller2experiencing this sport in my 20’s, there was a long period when I had to do other things in my life and thankfully things have come full circle and Frisbee Golf (now called Disc Golf) is in my life again and the courses and equipment are even better.

It is a real privilege to live close to Waller Park and to have access to the facilities. I’ve met a lot of people playing golf and always get a kick out of people asking questions about getting started. With just a disc or two and some basics on technique and learning the course layout, you’ll spend hours and hours getting better as you try things. As mentioned earlier, this activity is not age restrictive. The regulars on the course include some very young people, teenagers, and adults of all ages. Our regular group ranges from 4 to 12 on weekends and there is a different mix during the week and we are not the only regular group that meets. For organized league Waller1play and tournament experience, the Santa Maria Kingpins is the local group with a good mix of ages and experience.

Allow me to introduce you to just a few of the more senior regulars at the course. Not everyone is mentioned here and this sample just happened to be some of the ones that showed up on the day I had the camera handy. Brian, John, and Doug are shown in the pictures to the right. After our warm up session, we had 8 and decided to play doubles with the winners making it to minus 4 at one point. That’s a pretty good score if you like to keep track of that sort of thing (my partner and I managed a minus 1 on the round).  Thanks to some of the regulars – Don, Doug, Brian, Kevin, Ray, Aaron, Pete, Rich P., Jose, Ron, Gerry, David, Matthew, Tom, John, Rich C. and Doug. There are a lot more but space and memory are limited.


Don, the 95-year-old disc golfer!

The senior players at Waller consist of a good number in their 50’s, and an even bigger number in their 60’s including me. The group of seniors in their 70’s also is pretty sizable but the one that really inspires the rest of is Don. He is over 95 and plays almost every day and can make the par score on most of the holes. He’ll usually be throwing a light weight disc and prefers to carry just the one and make it work for all his shots. I’ve tried to play with just one and must admit it’s a challenge when normally having a selection to choose from for each possibility. If you’re familiar with regular golf (we call it ball golf), imagine playing the course with just one club, you really need the one club that works for you.

Don is a regular on the course and usually plays in the morning with anyone of the regular group but also acts as ambassador to new comers and will escort them around the beginning of the course to get them headed in the right direction. The rest of us regulars know that he’s

Don & Newton, SoCal #2018

Don & Newton, SoCal #2018

actually getting warmed up before we arrive.

The key thing to take away from this short article is that playing Disc Golf will keep you active and it’s something to enjoy no matter what your age. Even tournament play has divisions to group players well over 80 so all you need is a disc and a way to the park near you.
This picture of Don and me (Newton PDGA 57237) was taken a couple years ago when I first met him and believe me, he hasn’t slowed down over that time. For myself, I’ll be playing as long as I have a disc to throw and a direction to throw it. Hope to see you out there sometime and rest assured that Don will be watching your technique to see how he can get a few more feet on his drives or a different grip for putting.
From the seniors at Waller Pines Disc Golf Course, we wish you time and energy to go out and play this wonderful sport. The New Year 2016 is young and you are as young as you feel so get out there and “Grip it and rip it” and “Play with confidence.”

SoCal’s End-of-Year Banquet!

Sign up now for the final event on the 2015 SoCal Series schedule – the 2015 SoCal Year-end Event and Banquet.

Held Saturday, December 12th at Prado Regional Park in Chino, the year-ended is your first chance to renew your SoCal membership for 2016 (pick out the best disc before anyone else!).  We’ll also play one fun round of golf on the water-lined Prado disc golf course, with prizes for finishers at the top of each third of the leaderboard (don’t ask me – Suzette has it all figured out).

We’ll share a delicious catered lunch at the Prado banquet facility (BYOB – beer is allowed…or encouraged?), followed by the crowning of the 2015 SoCal Series division champions and recognition of TD’s and volunteers.  If you’ve ever wondered where the $2 per player SoCal fee goes from each tournament, it’s right here – top finishers for each division will get either cash (Pros) or tons of cool SoCal-logo merchandise (Ams), as well as personalized mini-Discatcher trophies.

Wedged in there somewhere will be a general membership meeting, with election of officers and voting on changes to club by-laws and series points rules.  Top of the agenda this year: returning the series “participation points ” to the previous method of awarding 5 points per 18 holes played, instead of 5 points per round (which awarded only 10 points for 2-day tournaments like Wrightwood and Santa Maria, played on 27-hole courses).  This travesty of disc golf justice must be overturned!  All two-day, 54-hole tournaments should award 15 participation points!

Another great feature of the year-end event is the “Never-ending Raffle”, which costs $0 to enter and does not end until everyone in attendance has won a prize!  Don’t miss it!


SoCal Championships open for Registration!

Registration is available on for the following events:

2015 Sharktooth Open at Bakersfield, CA – Nov. 7/8

2015 SoCal Am Championships at La Mirada, CA – Nov. 14/15

Please note that registration for the Am event is initially only available for SoCal members who have played at least one event this year.  Registration opens for all SoCal members on Sept. 11.  Registration opens for non-SoCal members on Oct. 1.

2015 SoCal Pro Championships at La Mirada, CA – Nov. 21/22


SoCal Team Brings Home World Doubles Championship!

-Many thanks to new MS1 Doubles World Champ Dave Hadder for this account of his recent trip to Texas!

(Mt. Vernon, Texas) – The team of Mark Hauser and Dave Hadder claimed

World MS1 Doubles Champs - Mark Hauser (L) and Dave Hadder (R)

World MS1 Doubles Champs – Mark Hauser (L) and Dave Hadder (R)

the Senior Grandmaster title of World Champions at the 2015 World Doubles Championships held on May 29th-31st in Mount Vernon Texas.

Team SoCal arrived three days early to practice on the four courses used for the tournament, and quickly discovered that water would be a subtext for the week as each course played around overflowing lakes or streams.  Ankle deep standing water and mud on a majority of the holes welcomed the visitors from the desert land of SoCal.  But the torrential rains that had soaked the area for over a month would hamper all of the disc golfers at this World Championship.

Two rounds were scheduled for Friday at the Seleh Ranch DGC, with the morning round on the Lakeside course playing a mixed format (6 holes Best Disc, 6 holes Best Score and 6 holes of Alternate Shot).  The first six holes were played mostly through the woods, and although Team SoCal was 1-under the Iowa/Nebraska team made several incredible saves and clutch long distance putts to hold a 2-stroke lead.  The final hole (#18) of Alternate Shot along the lake was more of the same as Team SoCal missed birdie putts and fell behind by three strokes.  Moving to the Best Shot format Team SoCal posted an eagle on #1 and then four birdies over the next six holes to pick up one stroke on the leaders as Team Iowa/Nebraska matched them shot for shot with the help of two 50-ft. putts.

The best score portion of the round started on the ‘Island’ hole with Dr. Hauser carding a birdie, while the other team sank a 45-ft. birdie putt from a tombstone shot buried into the shoreline.  Team SoCal finally broke through for one stroke playing back into the woods while Team Iowa/Nebraska floundered in the woods with a bogey.  An hour and a half rain delay interrupted the round, but once play was resumed Team SoCal birdied the final two holes to remain one stroke out of first and in a tie for second.

Round 2 was played on the Seleh Ranch Creekside course using the Best Shot format.

Dave Hadder threads the gap.

Dave Hadder threads the gap.

Starting the round on Hole #17 players faced two holes dominated by the lake, including #18 that played to a peninsula hole only 50-ft. wide.  The three teams on the card each birdied the opening water holes with Hadder barely missing an ace on #18.  Two holes later Team SoCal regained a tie for the lead before having one of it’s few hiccups for the round.  With one drive in the lake and another playing through an opening in the woods, they still dropped a stroke when Team Not Quite Stable made a perfect approach shot across the lake and Team Iowa/Nebraska birdied from 80-ft. inches inside the shoreline.  Team SoCal answered with five birdies in a row, resulting in a 3-way tie for first when Hadder made a 27-ft. putt into the wind and rain for birdie on a 614-ft. hole.  With the rain pounding down on the course Team SoCal missed putts on the next two holes to drop two strokes back, including a rules violation that wiped out a 22-ft. birdie putt by Hauser, after watching Team Iowa/Nebraska once again making birdie from 70-ft.  Needing a spark, Team SoCal birdied five out of the last six holes, but it wasn’t enough as the Not Quite Stable team carded four birdies and an eagle on the final hole played over the lake for a 2-stroke lead after the day one.

Overnight the area was hit with several storms and the third round on Saturday at the Texas Twist DGC was delayed four hours due to a line of massive thunderstorms.  When play finally started in the afternoon using the Alternate Shot format Team SoCal was still on the leader card paired with Team Not Quite Stable.  An early O.B. into the creek on the third hole played dropped Team SoCal 4-strokes down, which would be the largest deficit of the tournament, but Team SoCal quickly erased the deficit in two holes with two birdies and the help of Not Quite Stable throwing into the lake for a double bogey.  Two holes later Team SoCal took over first place and then recorded four birdies on the next five holes, the last extending the lead to two strokes.  Playing back into the woods, Team SoCal had problems on the next two holes, erasing their lead and resulting in a 3-way tie for first leading into the final round.

Due to the long rain delay in the morning, and more thunderstorms on the horizon,

Mark Hauser attacks the green.

Mark Hauser attacks the green.

the fourth round was moved to Sunday, and the Final 9 was eliminated, meaning the championship would be decided on the Trey Deuce DGC using the Best Score format.  This was a nearly perfectly played team round as Team SoCal never recorded a bogey and made twelve birdies, but the BC Champs team (also playing on the lead card) were still only one stroke behind with five holes to play.  Hole #10 was a 600-ft. hole snaking through the woods that Team SoCal (mostly Hauser) parred while Team BC Champs took a double bogey seven, and with a 3 stroke lead the decision was made, “We have 4 holes left and we need to birdie them all”.  Hauser’s 28-ft. putt on the final hole sealed the deal, completing the four-for-four and secured the title of World Champions for Team SoCal by four strokes, with the lowest round of the day of any team (3 Divisions) playing the Trey Deuce course.

Congrats to Mark Hauser and Dave Hadder for bringing home more world titles!

Updated Info on Disc Golf at Sky High, Wrightwood

Good morning everyone!

Just to update you guys, Wrightwood’s Sky High Disc Golf course holds a monthly doubles tournament the second Saturday of every month. The fee to play is $7.00 a person, with random flips for partners. Winning duo wins a different prize bundle every month, as well as pitchers of beer of their choice. Also, everything available for sale in the lodge is offered at a discount for those who participate that day.

Additional Information:

Tournament Type: Doubles
Check In Time: 8:00 am – 9:30 am @ the North Lodge
Player Meeting: 9:50 am @ the back patio
Tee-Off Time: 10:00 am
Fee to Play: $7.00

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us via:

Phone: (760) 316-7828 (North Lodge)
Official Site:

Ask for Amando or Aimee if you have any questions! Hope to see you guys soon!

Golden Sombrero Standings at the 2/3 Point

Who’s in the lead in the Golden Sombrero standings after seven events?  None other than Redlands TD and co-GS Instigator Bill Maury-Holmes!  Bill’s 163 points after playing in four events give him a ten point lead over multi-time GS Champ A.J. Risley.  But A.J. will not be playing any more Golden Sombrero events this season, as he will be playing at the Gentleman’s Club Challenge in Las Vegas and the Memorial in Scottsdale.  Mark Verrochi could mount a late charge with three events remaining, as he has only played three events so far and is third in the points at 125.  Cory Marstellar is two behind Mark at 123 to round out the top four.

But really, there are a whole bunch of disc golfers who still have a shot at this year’s title.  That’s because the three remaining events:  Wrightwood, Mission Bay and Colina Park could all have large fields, which means big points.  Mission Bay in particular has a history of fielding close to 100 players, so Bill better watch his back!  Wrightwood may also draw a big crowd after players hear the news that all 27 holes will be available for play (barring a huge snowstorm between now and next Saturday).  Remember – your top four point totals count in the standings.

The top ten players so far in the Golden Sombrero standings are:

Overall Standings (after 7 events)
Name Points Events
Bill Maury-Holmes 163 4
A. J. Risley 153 4
Mark Verrochi 125 3
Cory Marsteller 123 4
Francisco Martinez 116 2
Allen Risley 115 4
Eric Audet 105 4
Jone Eide 105 2
Michael Homan 91 2
Steven Rico 78 1

Winners of the events so far:

Redlands:  Cory Marsteller

Prado: Patrick Brickley

Chavez Ridge: Steve Rico

Murrieta: Aaron Cribbes

Sycuan: Tadas Mikuzis

Yucaipa: Cory Marsteller

San Marcos: Mark Verrochi

Full Golden Sombrero standings after six events can be found here.

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