2017 So Cal Series Champions Crowned at Colton

On a very windy day at the Colton Golf Club, 90+ So Cal disc golfers gathered to wrap up the year with a fun round of golf and a little business.  The fun round was played on the challenging 18-hole layout, which was made even tougher by the steady 10-15 mph (with gusts over 20) winds.  The Colton Golf Club also hosted our awards presentation and a brief membership meeting.

After 12 months and 21 events, Nick Newton emerged as the top points-earner in the Men’s Open division.  Nick’s points total of 294 put him 17 points ahead of second-place Chris Shotwell (277).  Eric Norbut rounded out the top three with 213 points.  Players earned points the following ways:

  • 5 points for each 18-hole round played in a tournament (that they finished.  Most 1-day tournaments counted for 10 “participation” points, with 2-day tournaments typically being worth 15 points.
  • Players received 1 point for each other player in their division that they beat or tied.  Larger fields meant more points!
  • The winning player in a division received one additional bonus point.
  • The top seven points earning events for each player counted towards their total.
  • Players received up to ten bonus points, one for each event they played in.  Only those who played in the So Cal Championships would cash in these points.

The first-place finisher in each division received a personalized Mini Discatcher basket.  The top point-earning players in each of the professional divisions also received a cash payout.  The number of players receiving payout was based on the total number of players in that division.  This year, the top players in the MPO division received a total of $710 in series-end cash.  Where did that cash come from?  Each player that played in the MPO division at a So Cal Series event in 2017 contributed $2 each time they entered a tournament.  So those $2 fees that So Cal collects go right back out to the players.

Here are the top three players in the remaining professional divisions:

  • FPO:
    • 1st place – Allison Wylot
  • MPM:
    • 1st place – Richard Ewald
    • 2nd place – Noah Rodriguez
    • 3rd place – Kris Kiler
  • MPG:
    • 1st place – Marcus Cisneros
    • 2nd place – Rick Hoffa
    • 3rd place – Jeff Nichols
  • FPG:
    • 1st place – Suzette Simons
    • 2nd place – Allison Wylot
  • MPS:
    • 1st place – Mark Horn
    • 2nd place – Rob Wilson
    • 3rd place – Mark Hauser
  • FPS:
    • 1st place – Susie Horn

Martin Padilla played 13 events in the Men’s Advanced Amateur (MA1) division this past season, and the point totals for seven of those events were enough to give him 262 total points for the year and 1st place in the MA1 division.  Drake Avila and Drew Sodergren tied for second place, 33 points behind Martin.  There were a total of 1,894 amateur tournament entries in 2017, which led to $3,788 in merchandise being handed out to qualifying members at this year’s award ceremony.  Once again – 1,894 two dollar fees collected and paid back to members in the form of merchandise (hoodies, hats, towels, mini baskets, etc).

Here are the top three players in the remaining amateur divisions:

  • FA1:
    • 1st place – Charlotte Towle
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
  • MM1:
    • 1st place – Juan Lopez
    • 2nd place – Derek Monteverdi
    • 3rd place – Chris Calleton
  • MG1:
    • 1st place – Chuck Powell
    • 2nd place – Michael Sheridan
    • 3rd place – Bill Maury-Holmes
  • MS1:
    • 1st place – David Hadder
    • 2nd place – John Clemmons
    • 3rd place – Spence Stevens
  • MA2:
    • 1st place – William Marion
    • 2nd place – Scott Dallas
    • 3rd place – Adam Hirsch
  • FA2:
    • 1st place – Nicole Ennis
    • 2nd place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 3rd place – Caroline Murray
  • MA3:
    • 1st place – Dwayne Allen
    • 2nd place – Jeff Barber
    • 3rd place – Lawrence Mendoza
  • FA3:
    • 1st place – Jennifer Burdette
    • 2nd place – Tamiko Juvinall
  • MA4:
    • 1st place – Sean “No Name” Prewitt
    • 2nd place – Chuck Myers
    • 3rd place – Preston Vargas

You can see the full results for all divisions and each individual event at this link: https://wordpress.com/post/socaldiscgolfclub.wordpress.com/1279


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