Players Battle Severe Weather at the Skyhigh Showdown

Our thanks to Jon Ho for this story!

Many thanks go out to Suzette Simons for doing such an amazing job TDing the Sky High Showdown and keeping everyone safe, especially under such tough conditions!! Saturday, while being a little windy and overcast, went off without a hitch. Sunday, however, rained throughout the Pro round in the morning and the threat of a lightning storm loomed. The Pros finished up fine, though, thankfully. But during the Am round later in the day, it really began to pour. Suzette kept checking in the Mt. Lodge Staff to make sure that everyone would be safe, but when the lightning started to come in fast and heavy, she had to call everyone in. With nearly 100 people all stacked in the lodge, Suzette did her best to keep hope alive and keep all the Ams happy while we all waited to see if they could be sent back out to finish the round.

Unfortunately, after about an hour in the lodge, Sky High staff recommended that the tourney be called off, so Suzette had to make the announcement, much to everyone’s dismay. There were some great folks that jumped up and volunteered to get the raffle going while Suzette worked furiously to make sense of the numbers, saw what holes everyone in each division had played and could be counted in the final scores for the day. It was huge mess, but Suzette really pulled it all together in an amazing way!!

Big thanks also to all the gents that volunteered to run the raffle: Danny Behl, Jeremy Fairchild, Keith R. Wilson, and Jeff Nyerges!! And huge thanks to all the great folks that stuck around to help clean up the lodge: Mike Jewel, Tiara Cargile, Jeff Nyerges, and Chris Mattox!! I don’t think Suzette was able to head down the mountain until after 8:30pm, and that wouldn’t even been possible without the help of you great folks!! Thanks again to everyone (who helped), and apologies to anyone whose name I’ve missed here!!

Results on for the Pro divisions.

Results on for the Am divisions. (PDGA rules stipulate that only complete round scores can be reported)

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