Chis Horn Wipes Out!

OK, there’s nothing about disc golf in this post, but it is about a disc golfer.

Chris Horn shows off his limbo talents!

SoCal member and all-around Frisbee aficionado Chris Horn showed up on TV last night, in a special “schoolteacher” edition of Wipeout (8pm Thursdays on ABC).  While Chris didn’t walk away with the $50,000 first place prize, he did get a little airtime on the show.  Right from the top, Chris is the first contestant you see during the opening intro clips and his run-in with the school bus stop sign was epic.  Chris made it past the first cut and went on to the second round, but that was about it.  Watching at home,  we figured he was doomed when the hosts *didn’t* come up with a goofy nickname for him.  No matter, it was fun to see one of our locals on the tube, even if he was getting whacked into the mud puddle instead of sinking a 50-foot putt.  If you want to watch the episode, you can find it online here:

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