Local Disc Golf Club Listings (in progress)

Schedule for Monthly Tournaments at SoCal Courses

This map displays the locations of disc golf courses in Southern California, with links to additional information available in pop-ups. 18 hole courses have red markers, 9 hole courses are blue, other are yellow. Click on a marker to see information about the course, including links to directions, maps and scorecards.

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  1. Dave Coffey

     /  April 2, 2012

    Hi SoCal,
    The information for the monthly at Yucaipa, and the general information about the course are both dated and completely wrong. The course is now permanent, so they don’t pull the course anymore. We play every week of the year, the only exception is that from memorial to labor day the course becomes too crowded in the afternoon because of the water park.
    The monthly is now played the first Sunday of the month at 12 noon. 3 divisions. Open Int. and rec. Thanks for your attention, Dave

    • Thanks for the info Dave. I think the info on the monthly should have already been correct on the monthly tournament schedule page, since you sent it to me a few months ago. The Yucaipa info on the map came directly from the PDGA Online Course Directory. I took out the part about the course closing during the winter. You should also contact them about the changes:

  2. Joel

     /  February 25, 2013

    I find it almost ironic that Rancho Cucamonga is home to one of the best disc manufacturers in the USA but has only one course and it is probably the worst (Ralph Lewis). The city of Rancho is so busy developing every piece of land into housing and malls but can’t leave aside some room for a good 18-hole course. Don’t know what they’re waiting for — seems like it would be a good recreational investment for the people that live there and innova would want to sponsor it.


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